Friday, October 8, 2010

How did it all begin...

The first of our adventures began on the way home from a Women of Faith conference in Shreveport . I left my phone in the hotel room so of course we had to stop and get it. The only problem was, well, we didn't stay at the same hotel and I couldn't really remember where the hotel was I had stayed. We knew it was on the interstate and that it was a Holiday Inn. So, we stopped at every Holiday Inn until we found the right one. Once we had my phone we were on our way. Of course neither of us remembered the fact that more than once Sarah had mentioned "we should get gas before we leave town." So off we went . (I might add here that this is something that happens to us regularly) We were chatting away and having a grand old time when Sarah realizes we hadn't gotten gas, of course there is NOTHING in site. I mean NOTHING!! I am still not sure exactly where we were on I-20 when we saw the exit and weren't sure what we'd find we just took it. I am pretty sure that the only reason we made it into that station (that was not directly on the service road by the way) was because it was down a big hill and no cars were coming through the stop sign that we coasted through. Maybe one day we'll figure it out but until then we'll continue to wonder, "How did we get ourselves into this?"

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