Friday, October 8, 2010

Do these things happen to anyone else?

For anyone that knows Sarah and I, you know that we get ourselves into situations that well, even amaze us. Anytime we go anywhere it seems to turn into an all out adventure of some kind. Things tend to just happen to us. Together we are some sort of magnet for anything peculiar or down right weird to happen. I know that I never hear of these kinds of things happening to other people. And so I wonder, what on earth could these things be occurring for other than to bring a smile to the faces of our friends and family. So, this is our story. The modern day Lucy and Ethel. There will be danger, hysterics, chickens, and down right lunacy. (Yes, I said chickens!). Who knows what else lies in store, because really "How did we get ourselves into this?" 

Please know we both love our children dearly. Anything said here is all in good fun but sometimes you just have to step back and say, really was this a good idea? In retelling our stories to others we find more and more that these things really don't seem to happen to other people so we feel we must share the crazy antics of our children and family.

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